• Cost Control / Building Options

  • Cost Control

    From the initial phase, Generation-3 focus on your needs vs budget. We treat the budget as a critical control document crucial to the design. Budgeting is a two-step process. The initial budget is prepared as a Rough Project Budget Estimate to help with the size and style of your home.

    The second or Working Budget details the scope of work involved and helps to avoid over-runs. It becomes your control document itemizing all the facets of your build. It allows you to track the budget versus actual expenditures and will be referenced throughout the design and build process. This control document will also assist you for any qualified GST rebates. Financial institutions respect and accept this document when considering financing the project.


     Building Options

    The first step in the build process is determining the role of Generation-3. Generation-3 discusses the pros and cons of each building option based on the customers building experience.

    Three options:

    1. Owner Build - Generation-3 refines the design, provides permit application support, site plans and delivers the Linwood package to your site. You manage or build your home. Our team is available to answer questions.
    2. Generation-3 delivers the Linwood package to your site. The owner retains his or her own General Contractor. Our team is available to answer questions.
    3. Generation-3 is hired as a partial Project Manager or a full Project Manager.