• Green Building

  • The Calabogie region is known by many as a civilized wilderness, a doorway into unspoiled nature, a place of peace and quiet where people can build a new home and live in harmony with their surroundings. At Generation-3, we understand the importance of continuing this legacy as well as protecting the environment when building a new Linwood home.

    Our New Home Green Building Programs from Linwood include:

    • Natural wood to help improve the quality of indoor air
    • Designed framing to make use of natural daylight
    • Increasing inside comfort and lower heating & cooling expenses through energy efficient windows
    • Reducing costs by adding environmentally friendly features during the design stage
    • Home Package materials are factory cut to exact lengths resulting in less waste and construction disposal costs
    • Lumber is acquired from second-growth trees in sustainably managed forests
    • The option to include water on demand systems, high energy efficient heating systems and air return systems
  • The Linwood Order Process

    We've broken down our process from start to finish and there are six simple steps to creating your Linwood Home.